Friday, 6 March 2009

Yet Another Reason to Hate the Catholic Church

Not only does Pope Benny The Rat continue old JP2's policy of sheltering the child molesters, now the church shows an extra wonderful level of compassion for the victim!

Brazil girl, alleged rape victim, aborts twins

The procedure on the 9-year-old girl draws complaints from Catholic church

Right. Because an 80lb (36kg) 9-year old little girl who has been repeatedly raped can totally get through a twin pregnancy without any life-endangering physical or emotional trauma! And so she must, or be excommunicated, along with all who help her. Because the church may be all about love and compassion and community and all that shit, but not for filthy little woman-child sluts. No loving compassionate community for you, you knocked-up mini home-wrecker! You deserve it for daring to hit puberty so early!

And you've gotta love the extra twist in the headline: "alleged rape victim". Ya know, it's got to be "alleged" because she might not have actually been raped. All undeniable evidence of age and pregnancy notwithstanding. Nine year old girls engage in consensual sex, like ALL THE TIME, amiright?

Oh wait, they're religious. Perhaps they mean that she need not have had *any* sex, consensual or otherwise. It could be a magical virgin birth!! OMG she aborted 21st century Twin Jebus!!11! Burn her at the stake right now!

(BTW, having just done my first editing class, I dare say that this aspect is merely a copy editing FAIL. The legal adjective "alleged" belongs to the perpetrator, not the victim. The text of the article is better.)

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